It is not the most chic but the most emotional. Alena and Roman met me in Minsk when they came to me for short shooting. They told me about the main celebration that will be at the groom’s home in the Ukrainian village Moskalenki, Cherkasy region. I wanted for a long time to shot a real wedding in the village. It was the true wedding without pseudo-straw sheaves and other fantasies of the decorator from a city. So I offered guys something that they can’t refuse!

After almost 12 hours in a car we arrived at 7 am, then I had non-stop 16-hours shooting, night on a couch with the bridesmaids, one more day of shooting, apricots harvesting, the second night, early leaving — and by the evening I was at home full of new experience!

They are candid people. They work hard. They drink so much but chose a good snacks, so they stay on their own feet till night. They dance joyfully, sing and enjoy their holidays.
Have a nice watching!

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