Ukrain village

Ukraine village wedding

It is not the most chic but the most emotional. Alena and Roman met me in Minsk when they came to me for short shooting. They told me about the main celebration that will be at the groom’s home in the Ukrainian village Moskalenki, Cherkasy region. I wanted for a long time to shot a real wedding in the village. It was the true wedding without pseudo-straw sheaves and other fantasies of the decorator from a city. So I offered guys something that they can't refuse!

After almost 12 hours in a car we arrived at 7 am, then I had non-stop 16-hours shooting, night on a couch with the bridesmaids, one more day of shooting, apricots harvesting, the second night, early leaving — and by the evening I was at home full of new experience!

They are candid people. They work hard. They drink so much but chose a good snacks, so they stay on their own feet till night. They dance joyfully, sing and enjoy their holidays.
Have a nice watching!
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Portrait of bride in green.

Lightness of being

It was an easy wedding. Easy in every ways: in the morning nobody fussed, nobody was late or did something ridiculous. Friends and family were invited at afternoon on ceremony in the estate Damelka, in 30 km from Minsk. And the visitors were quite a bit, a little cozy company. It was a lot of hugs and jokes. A banquet and dance were in a large white gazebo. No one from outside did control of fun.

Manor is a beautiful green place, but I wanted to show at first people, their feelings, their joy.

Enjoy watching!

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Just married couple in retro car. It's raining.

Lisa and David. Rainy calm in Minsk.

Last year the couple celebrated the wedding in Germany.
And on the anniversary they made a small feast for the Belarusian relatives.
But what woman can resist the temptation to please itself one more photo session in the bride image?
Enjoy watching!

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Girl in long dress in Egupt desert.

Lily. Canyon. Shadows.

Sometimes it happens that the photo shoot does not want to be how I conceived it. Suddenly there is another image from somewhere, it has own character and it becomes interesting.

There is a beautiful place in Egypt. Colored Canyon is a masterpiece of nature in the middle of the desert. The desert was once a sea bottom, and the water retreated, cuted into the rock moves and intricate designs of all shades of yellow and red.

Lily wore bright yellow sundress and a contrasting blue scarf. I had the image of the Virgin in the flying tissues among the harsh rocks in my head. But the sharp black shadow on the sun-drenched dazzling stones and heat created a very different impression. I decided to strengthen this impression with tough treatment.

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I am fearlessphotographer

I am Fearlessphotographer!

I am Fearlessphotographer now!

I am happy.


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